Standard transport orders

Standard Transport  Orders are the domain of Günter Weinzierl he will support you at:
just-in-Time delivery for spare parts in Automobile Industrie including

  • continous delivery services for regular customer
  • planning and consulting service for individual transportation concepts
  • Just-in-Time Transportation service

Transportation of abnormal loads

Transportation of abnormal loads are our prefered domain.
Mr. Dieter Langer has gathered a wide expierience as former Managing Director and Shareholder
at Reichhart special cargo & services GmbH & Co. KG.
His expertise in the Aerospace Industrie are for example:

  • organisation of special-/abnormal loads transportation
  • design of transportation systems according to customer requirements
  • feasibility studies


On the following transports we have specialized:

  • Transportation of prefabricated garages single or double
  • Transport aircraft parts
  • Transport helicopters
  • Transportation of boats / yachts
  • Transport of special vehicles
  • Transport of excavators and construction machinery
  • Transport of equipment
  • Transport of transformers
  • Transport of tractors and other agricultural equipment
  • Mountain transportation of commercial vehicles
  • Transport of injection molding machines and extruders
  • Transport of heating and cooling press
  • Transport of grain dryers
  • and many more...


Preparation of approval procedures

  • Preperation of Approval documents for domestic and abraod merchandise according to the requirements of abnormal loads transportation
  • route research and documentation
  • own escort vehicles for domestic and abroad  transportation of abnormal loads

Courier services

  • courier services within europe
  • use of cars or vans for transportation means


  • stock keeping of bulky goods
  • interim warehousing
  • Security stock keeping of fragile and highly sensitive goods